This past weekend I did a videoshoot with three dancers. The footage will be used by Italian designer Corradino Garofalo to present his design on the Ventura Lambrate Fair in Milano, Italy in two weeks' time. The Ventura Lambrate Fair is part of the Milan Design Week 2015.

In between the video-takes I also did some photography. This is one of the photographs I took of a dance-sequence in which the design-object is presented. It might be included in the final video which will have its' premiere on the Venura Lambrate Fair. Once the video is available for publication, which will be after the Fair, I will add it to my blog.

Designer: Corradino Garofalo

Dancers: Davide Guarino, Paolo Yao Kouadio, Paola Ghidini

Photography/Light: Jos Kuklewski