This week I set myself a challenge: I wanted to take a photograph in old classic style and I wanted the model to 'wear' a medieval collar. But not a regular collar made of fabric, but one made of smoke. I found a way to more or less control rings of smoke. The difficult part was to take a photograph at the exact right moment when the ring of smoke is around the neck of the model. And it worked!

Thanks to model Johan Bos. Thanks also to my friend Wim Blom as assistent (billowing the smoke around the room.) And thanks to my friends Geert-Jan and Jaap for letting me use their living room for the photoshoot, as I needed a room high enough to let the smoke come down from above the model.


This picture is basically straight out of camera. The only retouching of importance is some camouflaging of the smoke trails above and behind the model and putting some more contrast in the models' face.


I hope you like it.

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