The next result of an "out-of-the-blue" photoshoot last Friday in Utrecht. See my previous post here.

About two weeks ago I was cycling through my home town of Utrecht, when my eye caught sight of this amazing yellow Chesterfield couch standing in an office. I immediately got off my bike and went inside to ask if I might do a photoshoot with a model on the Chesterfield. The people at the company ( were very welcoming and friendly. After some explanation of my intentions the owner gave me permission to do the shoot.

Next I needed a model and immediately thought of Bente; we had been talking of doing a photoshoot together for a long time already and this seemed to be the right time to do it.

My good friend Wim Blom was so kind to be assistant to the shoot.


Here is one of the first results.


Photography: Jos Kuklewski

Model: Bente von Hebel

Styling: Bente von Hebel

Assistant: Wim Blom



Below is a behind the scenes shot.