The vestige (II)

Imagine yourself a solitary mangrove tree a few feet from the shore line, a slowly incoming tide, a clear nightsky with thousands of stars and a building site behind you with a security light aimed straight at your tree. This was the setting for this picture I took somewhere on the northern coast of Bali.

The tree for me symbolizes the struggle that nature has against the encroaching species called humans. Even here on Bali. The fact that only half of the tree has leaves is quite ominous... I imagine that this part of the coast was previously an extensive mangrove forest. Now all is cleared, the beaches and the coral reefs a little further away are used by tourists and the land directly next to the beach is being steadily filled by extensive hotels.

The building site behind me, admittedly convenient for this picture, is a next slice of the cake that is being cut off from the original cake called nature.


A long exposure.